Everything You Need to Know About How to Use Skype

Everything You Need to Know About How to Use Skype

Skype support is one of the free to download internet-based communication service worldwide. Even though several internet-based communication services are available now, Skype support is one of the most popular and highly accessed World’s premier text, voice, and video chat application because of its tons of features and benefits.

You can use all the service of Skype free unless you are calling landlines and mobiles. Within a just few mouse clicks, you can call someone on the other corner of the world in the crystal clear high definition video. Most importantly, you do not require to know the single phone number to make a call.

Are you new to Skype platform? Do you not know how to use skype? If so, then explore the below article completely to know everything about Skype.

Know how to set up Skype on your device

At present, you can access Skype on any device whether it is android, iOS, or Windows. The first and foremost step in accessing Skype is downloading the Skype application and setting up your Skype support account. Go through steps mentioned here on how to download and how to install skype application.

  • Open your device browser of choice and go to the Skype homepage. On that page, click the big blue get skype button. It will open the respective Microsoft store page
  • On the other hand, directly open Microsoft store by pressing the taskbar icon or even search for Microsoft store in the search box. In that, type skype and click the respective app page
  • Press the blue get button to download and install Skype on your device. The Microsoft store may ask whether you wish to utilize it across several devices or not. If yes, then you need to sign in with your Microsoft account. Otherwise, simply choose no.
  • Now, Skype installed on your device. Click on the Skype icon to start the application.
  • Simply log in with your Skype name, mail, or phone number if you already have Skype account and move on to further steps. If so, then create a new account by providing all required information such as personal details, email id, and phone number.

Once you have opened the Skype account, you will need to know all of your family/friends details and add them to the Skype contacts. This helps you have an instant conversation with them. If you confront any problem while downloading and installing Skype on your device, then contact skype support to get assistance.

Steps to have text chats over Skype

Are you not in the mood for a voice or video call? Well, make use of the text chats option available now on the Skype because they have ever been.

  • Choose the person you want to talk to either from your contact list or recent conversation. This will open up a new conversation on the app right-hand side
  • Press the bottom of the conversation panel where you can type the message that you wish to send and hit send an arrow
  • Wait for the response. Rinse and repeat!

Ways to make voice calls

Setting up a call in Skype is much easier than ever now. Simply follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Ensure you have a compatible speaker set or headphone. Plug them in and ensure Skype has picked them up by pressing the three-dotted menu. Go to settings and leave your speakers & microphone as the default device
  • Choose the person you wish to talk in the same manner like the text chats
  • Press the blue phone icon. When the person is online, you will call directly. Once they have accepted the call, start the voice call automatically
  • When someone rings in the same way, either pick up call or press red button instead

Speak with your loved one through a video call

Do you want to have a face-to-face conversation with Skype? All you need is the webcam and willingness to display your face on it.

  • Ensure the camera is working properly and click three-dotted icon & choose settings. Choose webcam as the default device.
  • Choose the contact you wish to call and click the blue camera icon. On the other hand, start the voice call and press the same camera button in the voice call window. That is enough!

Do you face any trouble while text chats, video call, or voice call over Skype? Then, call skype help usa to get rid of the problem instantly.