How Do I Make A Call In The New Skype On The Desktop?


About Skype:

Skype is the worldwide software application helps to connect with peoples. It provides cost-free video calls by means of voice one-to-one and group calls, sends instant messages and shares files to your contact peoples. Even Skype application is the very first calling application still someone has doubts when it has been hooked up via desktops.

That’s why we are here to help you and we also mentioned the step by step procedure and engaged options on the Skype application.

Skype call and its usage:

Globally Skype is available for free of cost and so anyone can download and install it for making video calls. But now Skype has upgraded with several facilities like making phone calls as well. If you buy Skype paying some amount means then it will proffer even more benefits.

Once you installed Skype then you don’t want to install any other applications for making video call separately, this is our statistics.

How to connect with peoples?

You don’t have to do more complex things for both video and voice call. Just download and install the new version Skype app and then search for the peoples whom you want to connect. You can find them via the username or mail id.

After finding the particular person adds the people into your contacts by this they will be included on your Skype list. Next time if you want to make the call means you can directly search through the contacts and make.

Making call:

If you want to call a person means to check for the status and then do. That is,

  • The person you want to connect is provided with the Green icon means you can obviously contact them.
  • In case if the status is available as Right arrow means then the person you try to contact us on a mobile or landline for that you have to make some Skype Credit for contacting the person.
  • At last, if the person’s status is provided with the Question mark then the person doesn’t accept your request still it is in pending.

For Video call:

  • In the window or chat box of a personal video icon will be highlighted, you have to tap on the icon and it starts to connect with a ringtone, the connection will be established for sometimes if the person attends then it fine or else it will disconnect.
  • The same scenario is applicable for the voice call. Then for disconnecting both the call hit the red button on the screen.

These are the actual way that we assist you to call in the new Skype on Desktop. In case if the person is in offline then leave a message for contacting later.

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