How to install Skype on a windows computer

How to install skype on a windows computer

Skype is one of largest video calling application. It is used by numerous users over the world.  It is simple and easiest to communicate with family or friends.  People have the simple process to install software on their computer easily. Various version of software are available to install any Os on a computer.  With skype customer support user can sort risks permanently from a device.  It is more powerful app when compared to other video calling software.  If you are operating windows computer you have plenty of option to install within few minutes. At any time you get the best support from professionals. A support team is best option to find the right solution for your risks.

Step by step guide to install skype:

The Skype phone number provides the instant solution for all risks. To operate the software you should have internet connection on your device. Technicians are experienced in the field to offer all kinds of tech support service.    They aid to communicate with any person elegantly by using the software. If you are new to installing this software on your windows device go through following instructions to run fast and quickly.

  • Go to official website of Skype
  • Choose download skype option on specific page
  • The page will be appears on your screen to sign in or register. If you skip registration process of the install Skype account like outlook, messenger, or Hotmail.  If you do not access any process you have the list of options to create the new account
  • To create you have to enter fist and last name, email address and other details on the page. No one able to view email from your Skype account
  • Profile creation, you see information on profile page like Date of birth,   gender, country or religion, city, language,  mobile phone number, how do you intend to skype, username and password.   You no need to fill all these information on the boxes, just enter few details and process other steps.
  • Now, you choose how to intend to use by clicking any options from the list
  • In the skype name, type name that you like to keep for skype account. There are huge numbers of Skype users are avail now, but none of them have same skype name. You need to create the name that unique from others and elegant to remember.  If you would like to change a username, just add your year of birth to the name. The system automatically checks name that you enter on the account.  It will verify name with other account name and accept if your name is unique.  If your name claimed to anyone, it offers a suggestion to change name. The name is not displayed to anyone.
  • Enter password within six to  twenty characters that contain numbers and letters
  • Untick two boxes if you do not have promotional email which on bottom
  • Type captcha code that is given in box correctly
  • Click on I agree and choose to continue option
  • Now, you choose Download skype for windows on your computer.
  • Open the file, click on run on your windows computer\
  • Otherwise, you also have the option to run software in turn on your computer. Click I agree and choose next option
  • If skype windows appear on your screen it enables you to install on various websites. Choose install skype to call and click on continue
  • Then you might see MSN pop window on the home page, choose to continue
  • The new window will appear on the screen
  • If you enter all essential details it will start installation automatically
  • At last skype window displays on your screen, you find contact and add to the account.

Contact skype help to acquire the immediate solution to complicated issues. If you have a version of window operating system, then download the different version of the software.   With specific procedure, they resolve all risks from the computer. They give the desired solution at any time if you contact our experts.   It assists to make multitasking from your device at any time.   So, utilize customer support number to get perfect service for your account.   These steps help new user to install without any mistakes on their windows device.