Skype for Business Known Problems and Workarounds

With the new advent of technology, we people are moving to the digital world where it forms the situation as without the smart devices the world would be nothing. Similarly, if people want to run a business or other profession, it is essential to adapt to the new technology in order to develop their business. By keeping in mind that, there are many of the new applications and software products have been developed which helps much business to improve its performance. Similarly, Skype application was developed by Microsoft to meet the demands of the businessmen available worldwide. Skype for Business is used for the professional users for the purpose of instant messaging and communicating with the clients and customers available worldwide. Of course, everybody would like to have instant messaging app.

With the Skype app for business purposes, you being the businessmen can achieve more than just chatting. It enables the people to have the knowledge about what is happening in your business industry even when you are out far away for other purposes.

But along with that, it shows some known problems and workarounds when people are working with Skype for Business product.

  1. Installation
  2. Signing in
  3. Improper connection
  4. Poor audio or video quality
  5. Scheduling
  6. Recording


In some cases, it does keep failing when installing Skype for business purposes. It is because some use clicks to run a version of Microsoft product which leads to failure of the installation.

Signing in issues

In some cases, it shows as “Can’t get sign into Skype for business”. This problem arises when the people use the sign in for the first time or when the user uses the shared or public machine. It is the common issue and it can be resolved when they try later.

Also, it is necessary to provide the valid PIN number to get sign into the account

Unable to make a connection

  • Sometimes, the id to get connected will corrupt. It can be solved when they reset the conference ID and URL
  • To achieve the solution, some steps to follow,
  • Log into
  • Select Sign In and enter your UBIT Name and password
  • Select Reset my Conference ID

After doing this, the old ID and password will not work anymore, so you need to update the new ID and password with your existing meetings.

Poor audio or video quality

  • Before you make any call, you have to make sure that you have the good internet connection. When doing a video call, position your webcam perfectly and ensure its driver is current.
  • Check your microphone is connected properly


People can only schedule a meeting if their Outlook Meeting Add-in for Skype for business mail is exchanged mail. And moreover, use your UBIT name and password to avoid this error and to get the login to the account


  • It is only allowed in Microsoft and not yet supported on Mac.

For more queries contact the Skype help centre

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