Troubleshooting issues with Skype call quality


The latest changes for the Skype software have been made recently for Windows desktop which improves its quality in group calls, video calls, and others. Unluckily, these changes have affected the software that this cannot be used in older pc or other older devices. If you people are having the problems with Skype calls, the culprit may also be the poor internet connection. The poor state of internet connection may cause call cut, delays, or poor quality audio and video. At this stage, you have to troubleshoot the problem with your Skype software.

For troubleshooting process, the first thing you have to do is to identify the root cause for your problem. Here are the few things that help to increase your Skype Video call quality

  • Use strong wifi signal if possible use wired connection to your desktop
  • Close other applications that are interrupting during your Skype Call
  • Especially file sharing applications or other music player application may greatly affect the call quality. So make sure to close them while in Skype call

How to troubleshoot issues with Skype?

If you people are met with the poor Skype call quality, then the main culprit may be the poor internet connection. So when you people are met with such problem here are the tips to help you to troubleshoot the issues with Skype poor call quality

  1. Check Skype Status Page
  • Skype Status page will tell the user if there are any issues with the Skype software
  1. Use the Latest version of Skype
  • The user has to make sure that you and the people you are contacting through Skype connection are using the latest version of Skype software. They are always developing Skype call quality so to get the better performance update to the latest version of the software and also ensure that you meet the minimum system requirements for the software.
  1. Check your Computer or Smartphone and its internet connection
  • If you people are having the bad internet connection, you will receive the notification from the server side displaying as “poor internet connection”. The bad connection may also cause poor quality video, and poor audio sound, blurry image and dropped calls.

Steps to solve audio and video issues

First ensure you are using the latest version of Skype, have a good internet connection and close other applications. If this and all won’t work, it seems to be some problem with hardware.

  • Check your microphone, speakers or headphones
  • Heck your camera
  • Make a free test call
  • Check you’re audio
  • Check the manufacturer’s website

With so many hardware and software combined in a device, it is always possible to cause problems in such situation. So it is a good idea to have a check at all one for troubleshooting your problem.

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