Upgrading To The Latest Version Of Skype For Desktop

The Skype is the most famous telecommunication software and it is specially designed for free video call and voice call. It supports different devices such as the tablet, desktop, iPhone, Android smartphone and others. In the present scenario most of the people especially businesses are using the Skype app. By using the Skype you can make video calling at any time and anywhere. It helps you connect with friends, family members, and others. With the help of the Skype app, you can easily make the video call to your friend or others.

For the businesses, the Skype is also utilized for the professional uses such as online presentation, conference call, interview and others. It helps the business owners to save their precious amount of traveling for the conference and other purposes. Are you looking for the best way to upgrade the Skype in your desktop? If so then you are in the right place. Here in the below section, we have provided steps to how to upgrade the latest version of Skype for the desktop.

How to keep up to date version of Skype for Desktop

There are many ways to make sure that you are using the latest version of Skype on your desktop. So in the following section, we are given all the ways on how to upgrade to the latest version of Skype.

  • Manually Update the Skype

If you turn the automatic updates off you can able to check for the available updates anytime. If you want to install them yourself then follow the below-given steps

  • Log into the Skype
  • Click On check for updates in the menu bar
  • You can simply click on Download if the update is available
  • After the completion of Download, click Upgrade in the window
  • Automatic updates

The Automatic Updates is the simple and easy way to keep the Skype up to date on your desktop. By default, they will turn on. Follow the steps given

  • Log in to the Skype
  • Select the Options in the menu bar
  • Choose the Automatic Updates in the Advance tab
  • Finally, click on Turn off Automatic updates
  • Windows Update

The Skype updates are included in the Windows Update. If the update of Skype is rated Important in the Desktop Update then the windows will automatically set up to the update if you even turn off the automatic updates in the Skype. If the Update of Skype is shown as Optional, you can select whether to install it or not by yourself.

So you can use any one of these methods to upgrade your Skype to the latest version in the Windows desktop.

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