Why Am I Getting A Fatal Error (KERNEL32.Dll) When I Try To Launch Skype?


When you attempt to launch the most recent versions of Skype on Windows XP, then you might see an Skype error reading “Failed to get proc address for getting Logical Processor Information (KERNEL32.dll)”.

  • To fix the Skype error and need to get SP3 for Windows XP
  • To get the way of SP3 is turn off Automatic Updates in Windows.
  • And then, it is also installing the SP3 by using Windows Update on the Windows website.

The Cause of the kernel32.dll error message is varied from messages themselves. Of course, the kernel32.dll file is involved with memory in the window information. When windows started the kernel32.dll is loaded into protected the memory space that other programs as well as attempt to use the same memory to run their operations. we are frequent invalid the page fault error means, that another program of same space in your computer’s memory. there are more our different path of the invalid page is the fault in the module of  kernel32.dll error and show up your computer and different software programs may generate the kernel32.dll error in Windows and few common specific error and messages.

How to Fix Kernel32.dll Errors:

  • Restart your computer and kernel32.dll Skype error could be a fluke.
  • Reinstallation of the program invalid page is more default of module kernel32.dll” error occurs as well use of single software program.
  • The software program changes that more blame, and uninstalling and reinstalling the program might do the tricks.
  • Moreover, the installation process and services packs or available in the program. It resolved the kernel32.dll problem that the software is necessary to stop using a particular program including the more problems.
  • The windows update to update your computer with any new Windows-related patches or service packs must be available. We can out of date windows installation might because with DLL error.
  • In Windows XP specifically, and when Skype is installed, you might get the kernel32.dll error message when trying to run the program if you don’t have SP3 installed.


  • Repair corrupted thumbs.db files will be explored on caused by the invalid page fault in module Kernel32.DLL error is corrupted thumbs.dll file in the folder and subfolder try to access this process. This DLL files saved on your desktop and remove the cause of kernel32.dll Skype errors.
  • Of course, some of the specific computer viruses cause kernel32.dll errors is part of the damage to your computer and resolves your issue entirely.

Update drivers for any other hardware related to the kernel32.dll error. we can appears with try updating the drivers for your printer. The drivers need to update your video card drivers and outdated cause of kernel32.dll errors.

However, if we can find the system memory is damage. Kernel32.dll error messages from random programs and activities in windows sign must hardware failure with your computer’s memory. it will clear the identity and have more problems  or give your memory  can fail at any of your tests and Repair your Windows installation

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