Why can’t my contact see my message and call reactions on Skype?


Skype has been driven that can connect the people with one another. They can also help you to improve the conversation by everyday challenges to be innovative. Today you have to know 4 ways to express yourself on skype on the android and IOS through the Skype support preview.

In call reactions: you can use emoticons with the live text and even you can use the real-time photos to your video calls. We can know the picture that can speak as the thousand words and now you can amp up the video calls when you are keeping the pace with the group which is busy.

Messaging reactions: you can respond to the any of the messages from your contacts with the multiple reactions. And those reactions can be used for many purposes like voting, showing excitement or it is just for fun.

Integrated camera: you can quickly swipe to captures the previous moments. And make them good by adding the emoticons, stickers, and annotations after that share them in the chat.

Find panel: you can easily find and share the links, news, sports results, restaurants, weather, and videos without leaving the app. there is no switching on the back can be forth between the apps. You can make it easy to bring the content and you have to care about the conversations h the matter.

We have to see the innovations before going to introduce them before introducing for the rest of the skype. We can also have the new enhancements and features’ that can be in the pipeline.

The preview for Skype is already available in the Google play. So you can download it from it. It can explore our new features. If you are selected you can get an email invitation to download. If you have fun with the new features you should it is a work in progress so you can comment your feedback on the website. You can tap the heart icon and help to shape the future of the Skype icon. If you have to make the skype icon better for you the drives must be excited to listen and think about the new additions.

Then you can send the message to any of the contact with a saved phone number. Skype preview for the IOS has the limited capacity through apple’s test flight, so you can apply to be a skype insider for the IOS. If you want to send the SMS text message for that you have to have a little Skype credit. When you are testing the new features through the Skype support preview for the android app and IOS.


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