Why does Skype on my iOS device keep crashing?


We can Skype on our IOS device it may be crashing due to compatibility issues with the Skype applications and the IOS version we are running on our device. It is recommended that we upgrade to the latest version of IOS available for our device and download the newest version of Skype from the apple app store. First, we have to make sure with the necessary hardware to run the latest version of Skype.

Download the latest version of Skype for I phone

Skype is not responsible for the content of external sites. If we have both Skype for I phone and Skype for I pad applications on our I pad our device must be crash. This is only the issue if we are using an I pad.          

 To delete the Skype for our I phone

Step 1: we have to press the existing app on our home screen until the icon begins to shake and x appears in the corner of the Skype icon.

Step 2: we can release the icon and tap x to uninstall the application. After that, we can download the Skype for I pad app from the app store.

Skype does not support the jail broken IOS device and Skype is not responsible for error or crashes which result from modifications to IOS.

Skype crashing on i phone and fix it to works

Apple has started shipping its new I phone and it looks like early adopters have the issues with some of the apps that usually work smoothly on IOS devices. It can appear the latest version of Skype and it does not function well on the new I phones.

Many of the customers who are purchased the apple’s handsets it complains that Microsoft’s app crashes due to a mysterious bug. So Microsoft is getting aware of the issues and is working on a fix that will be delivered in the form of maintenance update sooner.

If Skype causes problems in I phone then we have to follow these steps to overcome. The following step is

Step1: we have to make sure that our phone is running on the latest software version.

Step 2: we can make sure that we have downloaded the latest version of Skype for I phone for our phone.

Step 3: we can make sure that our phone is not a jail broken.

When we restore our phone and it set up the new device without experiencing the problem that except when the Skype was installed again then the problem is mostly caused by a bug in the app itself. We can recommend for you to contact Microsoft so, you can update with that app that can fixes this problem.


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